2nd Semester Lab Practicum Explanation

Lab Practium Explanation

Use this LINK to sign up (no more than 4 people per time slot)

The practicum is divided into 3 sections:

  • Section 1:  Titration (11 pts) 30 min -  one of these options will be randomly chosen
    • Titration - 2 possibilities
      • Find the molarity of an acid by titrating with a strong base (similar to Experiment 6)
      • Find molar mass of a solid monoprotic weak acid (similar to Experiment 7)
  • Section 2: Solutions (7pts) 10 min - one of these options will be randomly chosen
    • Solutions - 2 possibilities
      • Prepare a specific concentration from a solid, using a volumetric flask, record its absorbance reading
      • Dilute a stock solution to a specific concentration, using volumetric flasks & pipettes, record its absorbance reading.
  • Section 3: Using Spreadsheets (2pts) 5 min
    • be able to write an equation to command a spreadsheet to perform a calculation for a series of cells
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