Important Exam Day Information! (2nd semester)

Instructions for Students Taking Chem 103/104 Final Exam

The final exam is a standardized exam from the American Chemical Society and contains 70 questions. You will be given 110min to complete the questions & will be notified every half-hour of the time remaining. When time is up, you will be asked to close your booklet and hand your booklet to the instructor.  You will be given two sheets of scratch paper for calculations.  Please write your name on the scratch paper.  At the end of the exam, place the scantron sheet and the scratch paper inside the test booklet and hand it to the instructor. 

The instructor is NOT allowed to answer questions during the administration of the exam.  Please do not walk out of your seat to come talk to the instructor.

The following information is provided on the final exam for you: all physical constants, a simple periodic table, and all pertinent equations (for 2nd Semester).

The ACS exam institute does not allow instructors to provide information regarding equations on the test booklet prior to the exam.

Things to bring along to the final exam:

1.    Several pencils 

2.    Calculator -  Check the batteries on your calculator before the exam day.

What you should NOT bring to the final exam:
Cell phones, tablets, Internet-enabled electronics (including watches). If you have a cell-phone with you, you will be requested to leave them at the table upfront prior to taking the exam.  Turn off your cell-phone and place it on the instructor desk.  Backpacks should be left along the front wall. There should be no periodic tables hidden in your calculator or any other piece of paper inside your calculator. 

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