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    Biology is an exciting field with many issues you will deal with in your lifetime. Genetic engineering and gene therapy, beginning and end of life care, environmental pollution and climate change, medical advances and emerging diseases, population growth/changes… These are just some of the areas that bring us fascinating concepts and serious ethical questions. Last semester you focused on the the human body and tiny details of cells and DNA. We continue to focus on the ideas of awe and stewardship from Psalm 8 and this semester we zoom out a bit more to see how those materials from Biology A control organisms, populations and their environment. I pray you discover a greater awe of the Creator as I continue to do and also learn how to struggle with the questions of biology using the Word as your guide.

    Classroom Syllabus and Guidelines (Propst)

    Standards Based Grading


    Overall Semester Standards

    Unit 1 Standards

    Unit 2 Standards

    Unit 3 Standards

    Unit 4 Standards

    Unit 5 Standards


    1. Class Blog Website
    2. Field Study Guidelines 
      1. some things you might wonder about...
      2. poison ivy
      3. ticks (common types, prevention and further info.)
      4. invasive species
    3. Microscope Usage Review
    4. Digital Footprints
    5. Biology Study Tips


    1. Media Center Page
    2. Gale Research Page (  maroons    is the password if you're at home)
    3. Current Science News -- Science Daily
    4. Current Science News -- Eurkalert
    5. Science News for Students



    Career Information (jobs, education required, pay, etc.)

    Biology Careers

    Biology Job Ideas

    • August 21 - August 27

      Monday -- No Class (Freshmen Only)

      In Class:
      1. Welcome
      2. Seating Chart & Attendance
      3.  Icebreaker activity
      4Classroom community and guidelines (See ppt) & Safety Assignment (Go to Google Classroom)
      5.  Awe & Stewardship summer photo assignment. 
      Take 2 pictures and be ready to share in Bio B -- one picture of an awe inspiring event/place/organism, etc. and one picture of something that makes you think a little about stewardship.  Put your pictures on a slide in the class presentation labeled with awe or stewardship linked here -->   1st and 6th Hour   
      6.  Introduce yourself activity (See Google Classroom)

      Homework & Reminders:
      1.  Finish Awe & Stewardship Picture Assignment (Moodle) - DUE FRIDAY
      2.  Finish Introduce yourself activity (Classroom) - DUE WEDNESDAY
      3.  Pond Activity coming up.  Dress appropriately (knee high boots or old shoes, waders, comfortable shoes and clothes you can easily move around in - and can get wet, etc.).

      Wednesday/Thursday (Block)
      In Class: 
      1.  Classroom Community and Guidelines.
      2.  Safety
      3.  Devotions:  Read Genesis 1 and respond.  Record responses in your notebook.  Think Awe & Stewardship.
      4.  Intro to Ecology
      5.  Pond Challenge Brainstorming 
      6.  (NEW!) Observations Activity
      7.  (NEW!) Field Study

      Homework & Reminders:  
      1.  Finish Introduce yourself activity (Classroom) - DUE FRIDAY
      2.  Finish Awe & Stewardship Summer Photograph Assignment (Moodle) - DUE FRIDAY
      3.  Read through the Biology A Review.(Moodle) - DUE MONDAY
      4.  Read through the Field Study(Moodle) - DUE FRIDAY
      5. We will be outdoors for next Monday/Tuesday (weather permitting).  Dress appropriately (Bring knee high boots or old shoes, waders, etc. for Monday/Tuesday.)

      In Class:
      0.  Devotion Psalm 107:1 & 150:1-3
      1.  Pond Challenge (Ecosystem Study) Brainstorm (GC)
      2.  Field Study Review
      3.  Set up Blog account
      4.  Awe and Stewardship Presentations  1st and 6th Hour   

      Homework & Reminders:  
      1.  Read through the Biology A Review(Moodle) - DUE MONDAY
      2. Read through the Field Study(Moodle) - DUE MONDAY
       We will be outdoors for next Monday/Tuesday (weather permitting).  Dress appropriately (Bring knee high boots or old shoes, waders, etc. for Monday/Tuesday.)

    • September 18 - September 24

      IN CLASS
      1.  Discuss Project Clarity/Spring Lake (30 mins)
      -- Complete the Project Clarity vs Alum Treatment Document (See Google Classroom).
      2.  Review  Unit 1 Standards (30 mins)
      3.  Mutations and Natl Sel (30 mins)
      -- What are:
      ---- a.  Mutation
      ---- b.  phenotype
      ---- c.  dominant/recessive
      ---- d.  transcription, translation
      ---- e.  relationship to:  limiting factors/carrying capacity, population graph
      ---- f.  environmental factors/environment
      ---- g. Natural selection

      1.  HW:  Study for Unit 1 Assessment!


      IN CLASS:
      1.  Unit 1 Assessment - Ecosystems
      2.  Mutations and Natl Sel - (Use this link to answer the questions below)
      a.  Student Background (Answer Questions Below)
      - What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis
      - What is epigenetics?  Provide one example from either of the two linked resources.
      - Can you do the basic genetics problems that are linked in the Mutations and Natl Sel 

      3.  Review/Mutations/Variation -- Slides 1-13 - Lecture
      - Population graphs (apply)
      - Limiting factors (apply)
      - Rabbits (simulation and apply)
      - Protein Synthesis (review)
      - Genotype/Phenotype (review)
      - Environmental factors/environment (influence of)
      - Natural selection (model that attempts to explain)

      1. Read & Review Immunity and Vaccines Reading Guide (by Mon) 
      2. Mutations and Nat Sel (Finish Background for Lesson and Resources for Lesson.  Stop at the Activity)

      IN CLASS:

      1. Variation Presentation/Discussion – Slides 1-13

      2. Mutations and Natl Sel

      3. HW: 

        1. Remind of Field Study! (Sept 30)

        2. Immunity and Vaccines Reading Guide (by Mon/Tues) 

    • September 25 - October 1

      - Field Notes 2 (DUE 9/2 @ 5 p.m.)
      - Natural Selection (5 Slide) Slideshow (DUE - Right now)
      - Immunity Video/Reading Guide (DUE - At the end of Hour)

      IN CLASS

      Virus Life Cycles, Natural Selection and Immunity, COVID 19

      1. Finish any part of Virus Life Cycles not already finished in class.

      In Class:  Virus 5 Characteristics, Virus/Bacteria Comparison

      1. Finish any part of the Virus Life Cycles work not already finished in class.

      IN CLASS:

      Things to know:
      - What is a mutation and where it specifically occur?
      - What causes new traits to appear in a population?
      - Are all traits helpful for survival?
      - What is natural selection?
      - What the 5 characteristics of viruses?
      - What is are the 5 stages of the virus life cycle?
      - Describe how the 1st line of defense of your immune system works. 
      - Describe how the 2nd line of defense of your immune system works.
      - Describe the cell-mediated response of your immune system.
      - Describe the humoral response of your immune system.
      - Describe how "memory" works in your immune system.
      - Describe why new flu shots must be created both from the perspective of viruses and the perspective of your immune "memory."  

      Immunity, Virus and Immunity Conclusions

      1. Watch the video 
      2. Finish the Virus side of the Virus/Bacteria Comparison if not already finished in class.
      3. Standards 2.1-2.4 Quiz Wed/Thur

    • December 4 - December 10

      Final day for reassessing is the Thursday after Christmas Break.  I recommend reassessing before Christmas if possible.


      In Class:  Plant Presentation Work, Waterweed, Photosynthesis Part 1

      1. Waterweed if not already finished in class.
      2. Photosynthesis Part 2 if not already finished in class.


      In Class:  Plant Presentations Work, Photosynthesis Part 2
      Assignment:  Photosynthesis Part 3

      In Class: Photosynthesis Part 3, Plant Presentations Work
      Assignment:  Study for Photosynthesis Quiz (the rest of the Unit 4 Standards)