Grading & Major Assignments

Grades should be a reflecton of what students have learned.  Students are not expected to know the material when they come into the class.  Students are expected to grow and be open to challenging and pushing themselves as they take the course.  Effort and a willingness to learn are highly valued in this class.  Students will be graded on speeches, their evaluation of other student's speeches, their reflections in their journal, research, and class content.

Major Assignments...

#1 – Journal:  Students will need to reflect regularly and answer the essential questions.

#2 – Demonstration (How-to) Speech:  Students will deliver a filmed 3-5 minute demonstration.

#3 – Self-assessment:  Students will be required to view and analyze their own speeches/delivery.

#4 – Visual Assessment:  Students will bring a 3-5 minute clip from a public speech and show it to the class.  The class will evaluate the effectiveness of the speaker.  These same clips will then be evaluated at the end of the semester when the student has gained a greater understanding of what it means to be an effective and transformational speaker.

#5 – Body and Voice activities:  Students will participate throughout the semester in various body and voice activities.  Students are only asked to try and practice all skills.

#6 – Debate:  Students will participate in class in a legislative (mock Congress debate).             

#7 – Informative speech:  Students will present a 3-5 minute informative speech

#8 – Persuasive speech:  Students will present a 4-6 minute persuasive speech

#9 – Impromptu speech:  Students will have 5 minutes to prepare and present an impromptu speech.

#10 – Extemporaneous speech:  Students will get 30 minutes to prepare and present an extemporaneous speech. 

#11 – Broadcast:  Students will write the script for and record one 8-minute broadcast.

#12 – Transformational:  Students will present a final speech of their choice that should be a representation of their growth in the class.

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