Topic outline

  • Welcome New Students

    If you are new to Holland Christian sit down with a partner who has been here a while and work through this course together. Simply have them answer the questions for you. The enrollment key is the word new (just the letters n e w).

    • Laptop Care and Use

      How do you carry and clean your laptop?

      How do you charge your laptop?

      How do you organize your files? How does one of your friends who is differently organized than you organize their files?

      How do you keep track of your assignments? Can you think of a different way to track assignments that a friend uses?

      • Moodle

        How do I log into Moodle?

        How do I find my courses (search for this couse using the term new)?

        How do I enroll in a course (enroll in this one)?

      • PowerSchool

        How do I log into PowerSchool?

        How do I check my schedule and grades?

        How do I check my locker number?

        How do I check my chapel seat?

        • Google Apps

          How do I log in to my school email?

          How do I get to my Google Drive?

          How do I create a Google Document?

          How do I enroll in Google Classroom?

          • Programs

            What do you use for word processing?

            What do you use for making a presentation?

            How do I use CPMP Tools?

            What is your favorite program?

            What is one program that you use that you think other people do not use very much?

            • Final Questions

              Please ask if they have any more questions.

              Make sure that they know the HelpDesk is available from 7:30 to 4:00 each day.