Weekly outline

  • General


    "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you received from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your body." 

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20

    “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

    Psalm 139: 13-14

    Hi my name is Mr. Kool. I am excited to be with you this Semester for Pilates. This is going to be a great course which will be a ton of fun. God calls us to treat our body as a Temple so in Pilates, you will learn multiple ways to treat your body as a Temple for God. I look forward to working together this Semester in all that we do and having fun while doing so. 

    Contact me - dkool@hollandchristian.org

    Hours I Teach - 1st, 4th, 6th, and 8th

    If you cannot find me, I will either be in my PE Office or in the Main Office most of the time. Feel free to email me with anything at anytime. 

  • Pilates Course

    You will learn:

    How does a high level of fitness improve quality of life?

    How does aerobic and endurance training create the ability to participate in life long activities?

    How can Pilates lead to lifetime fitness?

    Course Outline:

    1. Improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and overall joint mobility.
    2. Demonstrate an intermediate working knowledge of Pilates positions and theory as well as discuss the benefits associated with Pilates.
    3. Summarize, critique, and formulate lifestyle behaviors and nutritional choices that will contribute to a healthy lifetime fitness and wellness program
    4. The students will be able to improve the quality of their minds and, therefore, their lives through positive thinking and concentration
    • Links to good videos

      Great Videos: 

      *any efit30 videos on youtube are probably good ones!

      Great explanation of imprinting your spine: http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/exercise-detail/Pilates-Imprint/56/

      Ab workout you can do on your own!

      Warm-up Video!  Do on your own!

      GREAT 30 minute Pilates Ab video!  Do it on your own!


      I liked this one because it’s really similar to what we’ve done in class, so you will know most of the exercises. I also like that they added the “squats” at the end, you could really feel those!

      It started all on the ground, and you stayed on the ground for the majority of the workout.  I felt like this one was more relaxing and centered.

      This one is the most difficult.  From the beginning there are different exercises what we have done in class. It works muscles that you aren't used to working, and that made it a much harder workout to do.

      This one is also very challenging.  The hardest exercise for me was when you put your arms to the side into 90º angles and bring your torso up with your hands, while keeping your core in, while staying relatively straight (not unevenly curved up).


       for Pilates ab video.  Do it on your own!


      • January 16 - January 19

        January 16 - Introduction, Syllabus, Class Activity (need clothes after this day every day)

        January 17 - No Class Block Day

        January 18 - Review Pilates, Beginners Pilates Workout

        January 19 - Pilates Video Workout

        • January 22 - January 26

          January 22 - Stretch, Full Body Workout, Cooldown

          January 23 - Block Day - Stretch, Full Body Workout, Cooldown, Class Activty 

          January 24 - No Class

          January 25 - Stretch, Abs, Cooldown

          January 26 - Fun Friday = Class Activity 

          • January 29 - February 2

            Tuesday, January 30 - Block Day

            Pilates Full Body Workout Followed by Spike Ball or Kick Ball

            Wednesday, January 31 - No Class

            Thursday, February 1 - Normal Class Day - Pilates Workout

            Friday, February 2 - Normal Class Day - Renee's Pilates Video


            • February 5 - February 9

              Monday - Renee's Pilate's Video (see last week Friday)

              Tuesday - Block Day - Full Body Pilates Workout followed by class Activity

              Wednesday - No Class

              Thursday - Full Body Pilates Workout

              Friday - Stretch followed by Class Activity

              • February 12 - February 16

                Monday - Full Body Workout

                Tuesday - Block Day - Arms, Legs, Abs Workout followed by Capture the Flag

                Wednesday - No Class

                Thursday - Full Body Workout

                Friday - Pilates Ab Workout

              • February 19 - February 23

                Monday - No School

                Tuesday - Block Day - Abs Workout followed by Volleyball

                Wednesday - No Class

                Thursday - Full Body Workout

                Friday - Abs Workout Video followed by Class Activity or Stretch

              • February 26 - March 2

                Monday - Full Body Workout

                Tuesday - Block Day - Pilates Workout Video followed by Exam Practice

                Wednesday - No Class

                Thursday - Hips, Legs, Side Obliques Workout

                Friday - 10 Minute Abs followed by Class Activity 

                • March 5 - March 9

                  Monday - Full Body Pilates Workout

                  Tuesday - Block Day - Pilates Video followed by Mat Ball

                  Wednesday - No Class

                  Thursday - Side Obliques and Hips Workout

                  Friday - Ab Workout followed by Class Game

                • March 12 - March 16

                  Monday - Full Body Pilates Workout

                  Tuesday - Block Day - Hips/Legs Workout followed by Exam Prep

                  Wednesday - No Class

                  Thursday - Full body Pilates workout

                  Friday - Game Day

                  • October 23-27

                    Monday, October 23 - Full Body Workout

                    Tuesday, October 24 - Block Day - Abs/Shoulders Work Out Followed by Exam Prep. Rough draft is due Friday, November 3rd at Class

                    Wednesday, October 25 - No Class

                    Thursday, October 26 - Full Body Workout

                    Friday, October 27 - Class Activity 

                    • October 30-November 3

                      Monday, October 30 - Whole Body Pilates Workout

                      Tuesday, October 31 - Block Day - Pilates Video and Class Activity 

                      Wednesday, November 1 - No Class

                      Thursday, November 2 - Rough Draft Due - Whole Body Pilates Workout

                      Friday, November 3 - Mr. Kool is gone, Class Activity 

                      • November 6- November 10

                        Monday, November 6 - Swing Dancing Part 2

                        Tuesday, November 7 - Pilates Whole Body Workout followed by Nuke Em

                        Wednesday, November 8 - No Class

                        Thursday, November 9 - Arms, Shoulders, Hips Workout

                        Friday, November 10 - Indoor Soccer

                        • November 13 - November 17

                          Monday, November 13 - Whole Body Workout

                          Tuesday, November 14 - Assign Groups by drawing out of hat for exam days, Pilates Video, Exam Prep Time

                          Wednesday, November 15 - No Class

                          Thursday, November 16 - Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Legs Workout

                          Friday, November 17 - Abs 10 Minute Video followed by Class Activity

                          • November 20 - November 21

                            Monday, November 20 - Exam Practice/Finishing Touches

                            Tuesday, November 21 - Exam Practice/Finishing Touches

                            Thanksgiving Break

                            • November 27 - December 1

                              All Week - Student Exam Presentations 

                              • December 4 - December 8

                                All Week - Student Exam Presentations

                                • December 11 - December 18

                                  All Week - Student Exam Presentations