Weekly outline

  • General

    La La Land

    Welcome to Film Production! I'm excited about this semester. This class is made up of both Film I and Film II students; Film I students, in the first few weeks especially, lean on your Film II classmates when you're stuck or have a question; I think you will find them more than ready to help or offer advice. Film II students, I'm excited to see how you grow even more this semester.

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir said: "If you paint the leaves on a tree without a model, your imagination will only supply you with a few leaves; but Nature offers you millions, all on the same tree. No two leaves are exactly the same. The artist who paints only what is in his mind must very soon repeat himself." You have countless "films" that surround you; you only need to have eyes to see them and skill enough to capture them.

    This semester you'll be challenged; the most important thing is to drop your guard, and make a film; it's not going to be perfect; you just need to make it the best you can in the time that you have. And if you have questions along the way, ask. In this class, we care more about the process than the product...but I think you'll be inspired by your classmates' products too.

  • This week

    August 18 - August 24

    • Freshmen orientation
    • Picture day

    • Welcome & Intro to Film Production!
    • Self-introductions
    • What's in a scene? Quote of the day: “I was just making pictures.” ––from The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • Distribution of laptops
      • Log in to Moodle and Google Classroom; the Classroom code is m0gko6
      • What we cover in Film Production
    • SD Card assignment. Check out this one from Amazon...it’s $6.79––don’t buy them from the store unless you’re flush with money. 32GB is more than enough memory. Due for sure by next Wednesday, the 28th! *If you give me $7, I’ll use my Prime to buy you an SD card. But I need the money before I’ll order the card.
    • Assignment: (1) By next Wednesday, August 28, you need to show me that you have your own Class 10 SD card.
    • Introduction to iMovie. You may use another editing tool if you’d like, but if you understand one, you’ll be ready to learn any other.
      • Basic iMovie cuts, transitions, effects, etc.
      • Film yourself, and explore these tools
      • Film footage (given through Google Drive folder)
        • Download, upload
        • Edit, share, upload to Google Classroom
      • Assignment: Get an SD card (like this one) by Wednesday, August 28!

      • Editing film footage
      • Goal: Upload film by the end of class today.
      • Assignment: Get an SD card (like this one) by Wednesday, August 28!
      • Watch some of our films together in class
      • Introduction of the next film: “This is Me”...start generating ideas
        • Can’t show your face in this film
        • Need to film pieces from your life 
        • Display yourself creatively throughout the film
        • Films may not run longer than 60 seconds
        • More info to come on Friday...
      • Assignment: Get an SD card (like this one) by Wednesday, August 28!