Urban/Industrial Group Critique

Urban/Industrial Landscapes!

1. What elements of the piece are of particular interest (for example…particular ways in which the paint has been applied, the use of line, color, texture, illusion of space, compositional choices, etc.)


2. What helps this composition feel ‘resolved’ visually?

4. Are there places in the work that feel ‘unresolved?’  Where?  What suggestions do you have to enhance these areas?

5. What principles of design are at work or being discovered here?  What in the piece demonstrates the artists understanding of these principles? (rhythm/repetition/movement, balance, economy, proportion/scale, dominance/emphasis, harmony and variety...)

6. In terms of ‘meanings’ or ‘idea’ what does this pieces evoke or express to you? (Where do you see evidence of  SPACE, PATTERN, HISTORY, OR THE OVERLOOKED playing a part in this composition?) How or why or what VISUALLY contributes to this interpretation? 

7. Does the tone or meaning that you see ‘match’ that of the artist? 

 Welcome each piece into the world.                 


Respond!       Listen!


  …your attention to one another’s work is so valuable and the work so deserving of response…


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