Found/Altered Project Explanation

AP ART...found/altered

So we’ve been talking quite a bit about ‘beginnings’, process, transformation, responding to what’s in front of you, ‘hunches’, and the understanding that sometimes we start to create without knowing the end result...

You all have already made some fantastic alterations to found items in the art room. Each time you made a change to the initial image, you were met with a new set of variables to respond to in your art making. If you were to slow down enough to document the process each step of the way, you would make us all the more aware of the evolution of your work...this would lay bare your path of decisions. OR you might say that you are not as much ‘making decisions’ as you are ‘listening to yourself’ as you discover what should come next.

For this next project you are going to once again begin with found materials. Your challenge is to transform these pieces into finished compositions. Your work might be purely about design, it might make a statement, it might be edgy or funny or beautiful or confusing or surprising... it should let us reconsider the original material in a new context.

found stuff (your choice)




additional paper 



(feel free to propose other materials for possible consideration...!)

artists to check out:

*John Baldessari
Marcel Duchamp
William Wegman (his postcard paintings)

Hannah Hoch

Some things to ask yourself/compositional questions AND conceptual questions:

How does your eye move throughout the work?

What elements and principals of design are evident in the work? (Line, Shape, Emphasis, Rhythm and Repetition, etc...(see your handout!)

Is there any indication of a narrative in the work? If so, what decisions were made to help create this narrative?

What else could be happening in the work? For example, is there evidence of the work Creating Metaphor? Irony? Parody? Dissonance? Juxtaposition? Paradox?

There are always many directions a piece can go. Each time you make a choice you are limiting these directions AND you are beginning to find focus...I look forward to seeing what you find by beginning with these found pieces and altering them with your artistic vision!

Evaluation of individual pieces based on: 

Degree of Completeness/ Craftsmanship/Attention to Detail (Elements and Principles of design come in handy here)    /10 

Creativity/Conceptual Strength/Originality   /15

Effort/Sense of Investigation, Growth, and Discovery (this will be evident through your process in class...did you try out multiple ideas, sketches, possibilities in order to stretch as an artist?)   /15


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