2. A Look at the Week/Studio time (August 25-30)

Monday: Ted Talk on process beginnings hunches, Ted Talk Sir Ken Robinson 2,  watch 2nd Baldessari video...i am making art. Look at Baldessari by Tom Waits! ...if time hang art! 

Wednesday (block):  work on process/transformation exercise (emphasis on process, not always knowing where you are going when you begin, not being afraid of making mistakes, 'hunches', and letting go of total control...)

Thursday: Today you will: identify new concepts/vocabs in one anothers' work

So that you: have language to appreciate conceptual elements in visual art. 

Then look at found altered slide show and funny Baldessari video; briefly introduce found altered project; ask students to begin collecting 'found stuff' for next project

...cultivate curiosity, play!, follow hunches, see with fresh eyes...

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