Art +

For as long as we have been making and creating...which dates back to cave paintings thousands of years ago!...Artists have been drawing inspiration from and making connection to the world around them. Art is not something separate from other subjects and we often recognize, instead it is deeply intertwined! 

Vija Celmins + Astronomy

Doris Salcedo + Civil War in Columbia

Kara Walker + Slavery

William Kentridge + Opera and Narrative

Deborah Butterfield + Horses and Emotion

Julie Mehretu + Urban Planning/City life

Leslie Dill  + Poetry and Emily Dickinson

....and the list goes on and on. 

For this piece your challenge is to create a piece that is inspired by or in some way related to another field of study...specifically something else you are encountering, noticing, and/or learning about here at HCHS. Your work may be a painting, drawing, collage, photograph, sculpture, fibers piece, installation, or digital piece. It must have visual and or conceptual links to another topic that you have encountered this year. 

Here are a few connections that you might consider as inspiration or prompts. Consider the IMAGERY, LOOK, COMPOSITION, and or IDEAS that this list might inspire. 

  • bones
  • maps
  • muscles
  • dreams
  • carpentry/how to build a shed
  • diagrams
  • driving a bus
  • church denominations
  • investing money
  • Macbeth/Shakespeare
  • cultural differences
  • Jesus
  • episodic stories
  • brains
  • cognitive development
  • computers/digital stuff
  • the importance of water
  • variability/probability
  • geography
  • pyramids
  • astronomy/moon phases
  • personality tests
  • photoshop
  • running
  • power/privilege
  • singing/music
  • taking notes/organization
  • cooking
  • instruments

Please begin by creating a visual/verbal research journal about WHAT you are going to be bouncing off from for your piece(S) of art. Include an initial idea explosion, notes, lists as well as images that you collect for reference and that are in relationship to your work. Also include initial sketches and at least 3 'in process' photos of your work 

You must turn in your research journal with your completed piece and it should include the following!

  • idea explosion
  • notes on the plus in Art + (this could be a list or journal form letting us know what you're thinking about, wondering about).
  • collected visual research (think mood board, visual influences etc!)
  • sketches
  • 3 or more images of your work in progress (these can be really rough and un-finished!! Imagine that you are showing us your process!!!)

I can't wait to see your work AND you process!!!!

--Ms. Ridl 

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