Hero Essay

 Please answer these questions in the form of a paragraph (not bullets or numbered).  Spell check and print out your paragraph(s).  This should be about a half page typed, single spaced. You may need to do a little "research" to find out more about your person. Print this out for the due date. 

(center this top part)

Hero's Name

occupation/how relative is related

Dates of life:

Answer in paragraph form:

1) How did/does your hero better society (or your own life)?

2) What obstacles/difficulties/ confronted your hero?

3) How were these obstacles overcome?

4) Did your hero encounter any personal doubts or fears (everyone does)?

5) Were the goals and objectives of your hero achieved?

6) What lessons can be learned from the efforts of your hero?

7) Are there any issues/obstacles nowadays that are similar to ones your hero faced?

8.) The ultimate question then is: “what makes this person a hero to you, and how can I (an 8th grader) relate to that?”  What can you learn from them or why did you choose this person to share with the rest of us?

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