Concentration IDEAS!

Concentration Ideas…


1. A series of bags based on forms found in nature.


2. Design and build clay shoes that relate to places you have traveled or would like to travel too


3. Create a series of paintings emphasizing architecture and creating a mood or tone based on angle, light, etc.


4. A series of works that explore collecting and accumulating


5. Identity/or self explored through figure studies and dress


6. A series that explores wallpaper pattern and imbeds images within


7. A series of images focused on reflection/shine/light


8. A series of abstractions developed from food, furniture, or other ordinary objects


9. A series that explores crowds


10. A series that explores the emotive possibilities of still life


11. A series of teapots exploring balance and angle


12. A series of collages as illustrations for a story


13. A series of sculptures that must interact with at least 2 surfaces


14. A series of wire sculptures that are based on varies plant specimen


15. A series of black and white painting of cities emphasizing busy-ness/bustle


16. Series combining/contrasting line and form while expressing chaos/order


17, A series of landscapes interrupted by evidence of human development


18. A series based on action-reaction or upon anticipation


19.A series of bright/bold botanical studies exploring color/shape/tangle/layer


20. A series of sculptural houses


21.A series based on views from a single window


22.  A series of fabric collages exploring history and memory


23.A series of paintings of old, weathered, worn out architecture or objects (exploring weather and time on structures


24. Pieces in homage to a writer, musician, historical figure


25. Detailed drawings of invented mechanical objects or tools based on real tools/machines, yet altered and    re-imagined.


26.Clay sculptures based on stacking or clustering


27. Series based on carnivals/amusement parks also exploring angle and mood.


28. A series of sculptures made from books and book parts


29.    A series of sculptures exploring the miniature via detailed clay interior spaces.

30.    A series of photos exploring the overlooked or ugly seen in a new way

31.    A series of photos exploring the elderly

32.    A series of staged photos that describe a story or narrative

33.    A series of graphic designs for book covers for classic novels

34.    A series of watercolors illustrating a children’s story or poems

35. A series of stitched landscapes

36. A series of wooden relief sculptures based on technology

37. Work exploring tangles, floor plans, city maps, and chaos. 

38. Work that points out excess and consumerism

39. Non-traditional materials that make furniture or clothes

40. Drawings of nightlife, concerts, coffee shops, or other public spaces in action

41. Drawing of overflowing stores, shopping carts, grocery aisles

42. Invented worlds

43. Self portraits in many different moods or depicting many different persona

44. Designs that are related to borders, edges, breaking through as a metaphor for....?

45. Work that explores feeling like an outsider

46. Work that explores destruction as part of creation

47. Work that is about things slipping away/time/fragility

48. A series of cardboard sculptures that are about layering and texture 

49. Abstract portraits of plates of food done on an unusual scale (tiny? Huge?)

50. Work that explores the overlooked...the least of these...  


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