Evernote Directions

Evernote Directions:

1) Take picture (use laptop or phone)

2) Make a new note in Evernote, drag and drop picture in.  Give it a title and tags.

3) Write a paragraph describing what we did to make it (Did we learn about an artist?  What steps did we take? Did you learn a new technique or skill?) (4-5 sentences)

4) For your second paragraph, choose one of the following: (4-8 sentences) Label it with the topic.

    FAITH CONNECTION : "How does my artwork fit into the Biblical Themes of Creation, Fall, and Redemption?" "How did making my artwork help me understand/see God or His creation in a new way?" "How does my artwork help me worship God? "What does it mean to me to be a Christian artist?"

    DEVELOP CRAFT: "I improved my __ technique by..." "I was very careful when I..." "My work shows craftsmanship because..."

    STRETCH & EXPLORE: "I tried something new when I..." "Something surprising that happened was..." "My mistakes helped me to..."

     ENVISION: "My plan went like this..." "I imagined that..." "If Plan A didn't work, my Plan B was to..."

     OBSERVE: "I never noticed before that..." "A really nice detail is..." "I practiced looking closely by..."

     EXPRESS: "My work demonstrates my feelings by..." "One thing that is unique about my work is..." This work expresses my interests and passions by..."

     ENGAGE & PERSIST: "What helped me stay focused was..." "The hardest part was..." "I solved a difficult problem by..."

     REFLECT: "As I reflect on my work, I think about..." "One thing I would have done differently is..." "One reason this is a strong piece of work is..."

     UNDERSTANDING ART WORLD: "I was influenced by exploring the art of..." "My classmates helped me realize that..." "I collaborated well with others when I..."