Endangered Animal Assignment

Find out the following facts/bits of information and arrange it on a Pages doc as a poster for your animal that we will display with one of your framed prints - spell check and arrange your information in a visually appealing way! (Title, color, design) 

Information to include:

- Picture of your animal (at least 1 -more is better!)

1) Name and species (Latin name) name of your animal

2) Where is your animal found?  Include a map on your poster 

3)  How many exist outside of captivity?  

4) Why is your species endangered?  What are some of the causes?

5) Who are their prey/predators?

6) How can humans help this endangered species survive?

7) Determine which organizations are helping your endangered species.

8) Why should we as Christians care about saving this endangered species and how can we do this? Is this possible to do in today's world? What happens when one species is lost?