Requirements for Artist Statement

Step 1: Update your Evernote to include your 8th grade work.

Step 2: Look back over your artwork in Evernote from the last 3 years (6th grade - 8th grade).  Notice themes in your work: what kinds of topics/subject matter do you tend to include?  Colors you are drawn to?  Medium that you prefer?  How have you grown (gotten better at)?

Step 3:  Write!  Here are some ideas of what to include in your 3 paragraphs: (This is a "note" in Evernote)

     Paragraph 1:  Where have you come from:  How have you grown as an artist in 3 years?  What have you gotten better at?  What surprises you, looking back at your work?  What is your favorite piece you've done, and why?

     Paragraph 2: Where are you now:  What medium do you prefer, and why?  What themes do you prefer?  What is your favorite tool? Why?  What is your favorite material? Why?  What do you like best about what you do?  What do you mean when you say that a piece has turned out really well?  What patterns emerge in your work? Is there a pattern in the way you select materials? In the way you use color, texture or light?  What do you do differently from the way you were taught? Why?

     Paragraph 3: Where will you go from here: How do you see yourself using Art in the future?  Will you take more classes in high school or college?  How will you use things you've learned in your future (even if you're not in an art-based field, you will use more general skills!)?  And finally, how is your art God-glorifying?  How do you relate your acts of creation to His act of Creation?