Urban Industrial Project Explanation

Urban/Industrial Landscape...


so...for this project we are going to look to the urban landscapes (and sometimes even wastelands) around us as our artistic 'starting point'.

Your first step is to gather a bit and research and sketch and wonder....check out the "GETTING STARTED ON URBAN/INDUSTRIAL PROJECT" link on moodle for specific instructions! 
There you will be directed to begin doing preliminary research, sketching, looking brainstorming. Share this process via a goodle doc with Ms. Ridl. 

Finally, your job is to create a piece (either 2-D or 3-D) using your images, artists we've checked out, and your own research as source material. The way in which you portray the urban landscape in terms of style, concept, etc. will be largely up to you. You should begin to note, however, that choices in style will affect the overall tone or feel of the image for your viewer. I imagine that these pieces of art, as always, will take on many different forms. Let's take a look at the places and space around us--noting the themes that arise along the way. Your job in not to simply make a 'city-scape'. A skyline and buildings MAY become part of your work, but the piece should have additional compositional or conceptual elements that create additional sophistication and aliveness in the work. Your challenge is to bring something new to light in terms of the urban industrial subject matter via your composition, use of material(s), tone, angle, observation, style, and/or content. 

Evaluation of individual pieces based on: 

Overall strength of piece/Composition     /10 

Degree of Completeness/ Craftsmanship/Attention to Detail     /10 

Originality   /10

Effort/Sense of Investigation, Growth, and Discovery   /10

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