2nd Semester Reflection Writing Explanation

Why do a reflection writing?

  • We are usually so busy focused on the details of learning content, it is hard to put it into the larger perspective of chemistry and definitely hard to think about the deeper "Why even put all this time & energy into learning it anyway?"
  • I want you to understand what you believe about God more clearly through the lens of chemistry.

What is the procedure of the writing?

The procedure will proceed like this:

  • By Jan 28, 2019: complete Writing 1: God's Power
  • By March 8, 2019: Revise Writing 1 based on comments, do Writing 2: Patterns in Creation
  • By April 19, 2019: Revise Writing 2, do Writing 3: Potential of Creation
  • Due May 16, 2019 at 3pm: Using all 3 Writings, students write a Final Essay to be turned in the last day of class responding to the following prompt:
    • "How has learning College Chemistry also helped you understand more about God, His World & the Potential of that world"  
      (Be sure to include thoughts & examples related to God's Power, Patterns in Nature, and the Potential found in the creation)

You should have a "Table of Contents" to your google doc.
Do the Brainstorming Questions to get your thoughts ready for the prompt
Copy the following prompt & FCA at the TOP of the document and then respond to it.  

Writing 1 : Reflecting on the Power of God

This writing starts with a "Brainstorming" section (answer right after the bullet points.)  Ideally, you would do this just before you start your ideas for the prompt writing.  It is intended to get you in a mindset that will help you respond to the prompt.

Power Brainstorming Questions

  • Read Ps 8.  (No, really go read it!)  What question does the psalmist ask and what prompts the question in vs 4?  
  • Have you ever been in a similar setting and felt a similar reaction?  Describe the setting & feeling.
  • How might chemistry produce a similar reaction for some people?

Power Essay prompt:

  • How does understanding the world at a particle level (chemistry) enhance your view of the power of God?

FCA:   Author focuses on God's power and uses at least 3 chemistry topics to illustrate

Writing 2 : Reflecting on the Patterns in Nature

Pattens Brainstorming Questions:

  • Explain how patterns are a part of THESE PICTURES (scroll down so you can read the text that goes with them).  Many people find pictures like this pleasing/beautiful/moving.  What do you think is so attractive about patterns?
  • Read Genesis 1.  Many have described Bible as having a theme of God creating order out of chaos.  Explain how you see this theme in Genesis 1.

Patterns Essay Prompt:

  • What patterns or orderliness are evident to you through understanding the world at a particle level?

FCA: Author focuses on patterns using at least 3 chemistry topics

Writing 3 : Reflecting on the Potential in Creation

Potential Brainstorming Questions:

Potential Essay Prompt:

  • Respond to the statement: 
    Everything, living & nonliving, is filled by God with potential and it is part of being in the “image of God” that humans are uniquely placed to interact with that potential.
    To the extent that you agree or disagree, provide specific examples to support your thoughts.  Be sure to include chemistry in your response.

FCA: Author focuses on the potential in Creation and supports with at least 3 examples for support (at least one of which is chemistry related.)





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