Excerpt from Suzanne McClelland Interview

SM —...Obviously when you’re painting an object, or a figure, or a landscape, there is an identifiable right. But with abstraction there is a sense of what feels right—it’s very subjective and people may agree in a nonverbal way.

BS  Well, a lot of abstract things have names, like square or circle

SM mistfog. Are those abstract things? Is a square abstract? I mean, I know that people use those things in abstract paintings—

BS Yeah. If somebody paints a square, then everybody says that it’s an abstract painting—

SM —but it isn’t! It’s a square. There’s abstraction that has to do with not being able to easily nail it with a name. And the question of what’s right has more to do with a groove, like when you’re with people who are connecting to the same music or the same sound. When you can get into that groove, that’s a kind of rightness.

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