Getting Started on Urban/Industrial Projects

Preliminary work/Research/Getting Started

(Create a google doc to hold onto your photos, responses, research... and share with Ms. Ridl)

1. Gather at least 10 photos that might act as source material for your work. Look for images that capture something unexpected, poetic, over-looked. Consider zooming in, zooming out, changing angle etc. 

2. How might the tone or meaning of your work shift as the materials shift? Consider paint vs. collage vs. sculpture vs. other words your work can use a material that you choose!  Create at least 5 thumbnail sketches. 

3. Check out the "Empire State Building photos" by Photography Lewis Hine ...what makes these a remarkable collection? What does the photographer seem to be celebrating or wanting to evoke with this work? What is his 'lens'?  Where is there vulnerability in this work? Are there contrasts to this vulnerability??? Where/How? 

4. Think about places in the school that are 'behind the scenes' , 'gritty', or not always part of what we notice in our typical school days. Collect at least 5 photos from these places/spaces.

5. Look at work by Julie Mehretu (a review for some of you perhaps). How is her work related to cities/urban environments?

6. BONUS: any other associations/links/artists that you have discovered on your own that might feed into your own work. 

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