Greek Word Root Assignment (STAGE 3)


  • You should now have a total of 150 words (120 from stage 1, and 30 from stage 2)
  • You will be creating a short written work, with the goal of including as many of these words as possible
    • The type of writing you create is up to you (poetic, fiction, autobiographical, etc.)
    • The terms must make sense in the context they are used
    • Lists of words are not an appropriate method (eg.  DON'T write, "some new words I learned are canonical, cephalopod, etc.")
    • The writing should be done in GoogleDocs
  • Each term must be highlighted and defined using a comment (see example below)
  • Be creative and intentional with your words!  How many can you squish into one little writing?
  • 75 found / defined words minimum.  100 or more for EC


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