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    Welcome to U.S. History!

    The first semester of this course will cover US History from the 1780’s through the Gilded age, using political, social, economic, and cultural developments as a framework. We will also include a unit focusing on Michigan and local history. Together, we will approach history by way of multiple resources, including novels, films, music, and other texts. We will attempt to move beyond the “names and dates” approach to history in order to better understand the human stories that have shaped our past, working diligently to recognize and include the many perspectives and stories that make up our American framework today. We will grapple with some tough historical questions as we navigate through stories of both progress and loss, through obedience and disobedience; we will do this through listening to the individual stories of history while striving to keep the big picture in focus. History shows us why the world is the way it is today, and thus enables us to be better-informed citizens of the United States and of God’s Kingdom. As historian David McCullough puts it, “history is who we are and why we are the way we are.”  May we grow together in our understanding of story and what it means to hold a story with care.

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