Topic outline

  • General

  • Advanced math - Mr. Strikwerda

    Week of August 21 - 25. Note all the class work is in google classroom at this link: google classroom

    Monday:  None

    Tuesday:   None

    Wednesday: Algebra sheets 1, 2, #5-10 on sheet 3. 

    Thursday: Algebra sheets 3 - 5.  Work on ALEKS for 15 minutes.

    Friday:  1. Algebra Sheets 6, 7 and Sheet 8 # 5-10
    2. Work on ALEKS for 15 minutes

    Regular math - Mr. Strikwerda   
    Week of August 21 - 25. Note all the class work is in google classroom at this link: Period 1: google classroom, Period 2: google classroom, Period 6: google classroom

    Monday:  None

    Tuesday/Wednesday: None

    Thursday: None

    Friday:   Do ALEKS for 15 minutes over the weekend. 

    • 7th Grade Tech - Mr. Strikwerda

      Click HERE for access to your projects in Google Classroom! 

      Week of August 21 - 25

      Monday: Scavenger hunt due Wednesday. 

      Tuesday: Scavenger hunt due Wednesday. 




      • PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mr. Leegwater


        WEEK: Aug. 21 - 25


        NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

        Google Classroom:


        -  First Assignment - We will have time to do this in class on Tues. If not finished, DUE. Weds.

        • Science- Mr. Folkert

          Link to Google Classroom

          Monday, August 21: 
          No Homework

          Tuesday, August 22:
          No Homework

          Wednesday, August 23:
          No Homework

          Thursday, August 24:

          Observation v. Inference Practice (on Google Classroom)- due Thursday, Aug. 24

          Friday, August 25:
          No Homework

          • LA7 | Fox

            Friday 8/18: 

            1. Summer break is ending

            Monday 8/21: First day of School

            1. No HW

            Tuesday 8/22:

            1. Start thinking about your Who am I presentation.

            Wednesday 8/23:

            1. No HW

            Thursday 8/24:

            1. No HW

            Friday 8/25: Last day of school

            1. Start thinking about your Who am I? presentation. 

            • MS Band -- Mr. Veenstra

              Weekly Summary

              Monday, August 21: First day! We will meet separately, and we will be using our instruments. We will play and spend a few moments going over the band handout for the year.

              Tuesday, August 22: Special extra band day! No block scheduling this week, so we will be meeting today in our separate 7th/8th groups.

              Wednesday, August 23: Split 7th and 8th band rehearsals. On normal Wednesdays, we will meet as a combined MS band for a block period.

              Friday, August 25: Parent follow-up forms are due today! This is your homework assignment for the first week of band, so be sure to turn this in to get your 10 easy points. Next week, our regular homework begins, and you can include any practice minutes from June 1 through September 2 on that first homework link, which will be emailed to your parents on Friday, September 1. Some of you will start the school year with tons of extra credit!

              • 7th Grade Girls PE - Mr. Kool

                WEEK: May 19-26


                NOTE:  Please Remember to change into PE clothes!  


                • Lit7 | Fox

                  Friday 8/18: No School

                  1. That was summer vacation.

                  Monday 8/21: First day of School

                  1. No HW

                  Tuesday 8/22

                  1. Read the first section of your free choice novel. 

                  Wednesday 8/23

                  1. Read the 2nd section of your novel.

                  Thursday 8/24:

                  1. Read the 3rd section of your novel.

                  Friday 8/25:

                  1. Read the 4th section of your novel.

                  • Social Studies | Smeenge

                    August 21 - August 25

                    Friday (8/18) - Hanging on to Summer Break

                    Monday - Six Word Memoir

                    Tuesday - None

                    Wednesday - Show and explain your Tuesday and Thursday schedule to one of your parents and have them sign it.

                    Thursday - None

                    Friday - None

                    Caste System Reading assignment if not completed in class.

                    • Bible | Smeenge & Folkert

                      August 21 - August 25

                      Friday (8/18) - No Homework

                      Monday - None

                      Tuesday - Why Study Jesus (on Google Classroom)- due Thursday

                      Wednesday - Covenant Video Assignment (on Google Classroom)- due next week Wednesday

                      Thursday - None

                      Friday - None

                      • Spanish 7 Roskamp

                        ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de ESPAÑOL!

                        7th Grade Spanish Website

                        • Art

                          August 21-25

                          Week overview

                          Moodle course enrollment: hcs

                          Monday: In class: Welcome!  Learn how to write your name in grafitti! (due by Friday of this week)

                          Tuesday:  in class: Begin Split Self Portrait - photo, measure, begin features

                          Wednesday: : In class: Self Portrait - Eyes and noses

                          Thursday: In class: Self Portrait - mouths, hair, shirt.

                          Friday: In class: Self Portrait - background.  Grafitti Name due

                          First Sketchbook Assignment due next week!  Look over the assignment page and choose one that looks like fun.  Remember to keep track of your time, follow directions, and do your best.  Record your "code" (B2, C5, etc) on the page and cross that off your list.  

                          • Orchestra

                            Here is the agenda for Mon. Aug. 21 - Sun. 27

                            MONDAY: -  Logistics, Review, Sight-read.

                            AH MONDAY: - 

                            WEDNESDAY: - Sight-read, dotted quarter and eighths.  Homework: Dotted quarter eighths due Friday

                            AH THURSDAY: -

                            FRIDAY: - Sight-read, ties.  Homework: Ties due Monday

                            AH FRIDAY: -  

                            Due this week: Practice recipe

                            • Math - Mrs. Gorter

                              Mon., August 21




                              Figure me out game


                              Math stories

                              No Homework

                              Tues., Aug. 22

                              Reviewing patterns and Order of Operations--PEMDAS

                              Review Math vocabulary

                              No Homework

                              Wed. Aug. 23

                              Accl. math

                              Math vocabulary

                              No Homework

                              Thurs. Aug. 24

                              Review Place value

                              Place value game

                              Accl. math

                              No Homework

                              Fri. Aug. 25

                              Review measuring

                              Finish work from week

                              Math minded games

                              No Homework