Topic outline

  • General

  • Advanced math - Mr. Strikwerda

    Week of 3/19 - 3/23 . Note all the class work is in google classroom at this link: google classroom.

    Monday: Complete pictures of symmetry and put in google classroom #2.

    Do page 28. Do B1,C,E, F, Pg 36 #3, 4 on paper.

    Wednesday: Complete Pg 30 B, C1, E, Pg 38 # 6, 7 on blank paper & Pg 56 3, 4, 5, (for b just list the set of congruent triangles), 17 - 23 on the answer grid.

    Thursday: Complete Triangles and Rotation assignment.

    Friday: Complete Pg 58 #7 - 14, 27, 28 on answer grid in google classroom. 

    Regular math - Mr. Strikwerda  

    Week of 3/19 - 3/23. Note all the class work is in google classroom at this link: Period 1: google classroom, Period 2: google classroom, Period 6: google classroom

    Monday: Complete 4. Arrangements of boxes in google classroom. 

    Work on ALEKS. Focus on the "Perimeter, Area and Volume" section. At this point for ALEKS your goal is to complete 80% of the 7th grade course. Once you are done you can choose to work on it as much or as little as you want. Remember "to learn the work you need to do the work!" If you are not at 80% work at least one more hour.

    Tuesday/Wednesday:  Complete 5. Finding the least surface area in google classroom. 

    Thursday: Complete 6. Volume and Surface Area in google classroom. 

    Friday: Complete 7. Box activity.

    Technology - Mr. Strikwerda

    Week of 3/19 - 3/23. Click HERE for access to your projects in Google Classroom. 

    This week we will be completing a cyber bullying poster and a personal poster. You will need photos that describe yourself by Thursday. 

    • PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mr. Leegwater


      WEEK: March 19 - 23


      NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

      Assignments can be found on Google Classroom


      - Continue working on March Fitness Log - Due Friday March 30

      • Science- Mr. Folkert

        Link to Google Classroom

        Friday, March 16
        Checkpoint- Cells, on Google Classroom, due Monday, Bring to School the Household Items Needed for your Cell Model

        Monday, March 19:
        Designer Organisms Task #1 due Thursday

        Block Day, Mar. 20 and 21:
        No Homework

        Thursday, March 22:
        Prepare for Weekly Check over 5.2 and 5.3 (click here for the objective list and study guide)

        Friday, March 23:
        Designer Organism Task #2 Rough Draft due Monday

        • MS Band -- Mr. Veenstra

          Weekly Summary: 
          Monday, March 19: Split rehearsals, AH TBD
          Tuesday, March 20: 10 PM FINAL PLAYING TEST DUE DATE.
          Wednesday, March 21: Combined rehearsal
          Thursday, March 22: Band Extravaganza rehearsal in the morning, concert at 7 PM
          Friday, March 23: Split rehearsals, AH TBD

          Upcoming dates: 

          March 22, Band Extravaganza (ALL 5th-12th grade band students)

          • Lit7 | Fox

            Google Classroom Link:

            Friday 3/16: 

            1. Final day of quarter.

            Monday 3/19:

            1. Read 1st section of your free choice novel. 

            Block 3/20-21:

            1. Read and annotate 2nd section of your free choice novel. 

            Thursday 3/22:

              1. Read and annotate 3rd section of your free choice novel. 

              Friday 3/23: 

              1. Read and annotate 4th & 5th sections of your free choice novel. 

              • LA7 | Fox

                Google Classroom Link:

                Friday 3/16: 

                1. Keep up with Comic Project Work
                2. Final comic due on block day. 

                Monday 3/19: 

                1. Storytelling Comic due on block day

                Block 3/13-14: Storytelling comic due

                1. Work on Perspective Writing 

                Thursday 3/15: 

                1. Perspective writing due Friday 
                2. Vocab quiz on Monday 3/26

                Friday 3/16: Perspective Writing due

                1. Vocab quiz on Monday 3/26

                • Social Studies | Smeenge

                  Mar. 9 - Mar. 16

                  Friday (3/9) - Maps of Charlemagne's empire

                  Monday -  Current Event Journal Entry #5 (Needs to be on an event in Europe).

                  BlockDays - Khan Academy video and connected questions -  Due Thursday.

                  Thursday - Start preparing for the Map test that will be on your next block day.

                  Friday - Start preparing for the Map test that will be on your next block day.

                  • Bible | Smeenge & Folkert

                    March 12- March 19


                    Monday (3/12)- Prepare for this week's BMW on 1 John 2:6

                    Block Day- Prepare for this week's BMW on 1 John 2:6

                    Thursday - Prepare for this week's BMW on 1 John 2:6

                    Friday - No Homework

                    Next Week's Homework:

                    Monday (3/19)- This week's BMW is Matthew 5:3-4

                    • Spanish 7 Roskamp

                      ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de ESPAÑOL! 

                      For up to date information on what is happening in class please see the website: 7th Grade Spanish Website

                      Missing work: find it HERE

                      el 20/21 de marzo

                      • prueba de hablar #11 [speaking quiz] (comparison questions!)
                      • capítulos 4+5 de ICUC

                      el 22 de marzo

                      • capítulo 6+7 de ICUC

                      el 27/28 de marzo

                      • capítulo 8+9 de ICUC

                      el 29 de marzo

                      • capítulo 10 de ICUC

                      • Art

                        March 12-16

                        Week overview: (Look at Google classroom for sketchbook list and help, plus SeeSaw directions and posters)

                        Monday: in class: 15 min for finishing Bird.  Begin new project!

                        Tuesday:  in class: Clay!

                        Wednesday: : no class

                        Thursday: in class: Clay

                        Friday: in class: Clay    Sketchbook Assignment due,  BIRD project due!

                         For next week:Sketchbook Assignment

                        • Orchestra

                          Here is the agenda for Mon. March 19 - Sun. March 25

                          MONDAY: - Moana

                          AH MONDAY: - Solo and Ensemble

                          WEDNESDAY: - Moana

                          AH THURSDAY: - Solo and Ensemble

                          FRIDAY: - Moana

                          AH FRIDAY: - Solo and Ensemble

                          Homework:  Practice Moana

                          • Math - Mrs. Gorter

                            Week of March 19

                            Mon., March 19




                            Review Scale Factor and exponents

                            Tues., March 20

                            CAS p. 19 Continuing with Mixing Juice 2.1 A, B, C

                                            p. 22 Scaling Ratios 2.3 A1, 3 Check, can this be HW or continue together?

                            Thurs., March 22

                            CAS  p. 24 Mixing apple juice.  Use index cards or divide 1/4s.  Find percentage of cups of concentrate and water. #1 a & d. HW

                            Fri., March 23

                             Review ratio, rate tables, comparisons - Quiz next Tuesday