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    Welcome to the 8th Grade Homework page. This page contains information about what assignments and other events are happening in each of your classes.

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  • Advanced Math - Mr. Strikwerda

    Week of April 24 - 28
    Note all assignment are in google classroom.
    Monday: Assignment #2 due Tuesday. 
    Wednesday:  Assignment #3 due Friday. 

    Thursday:   Assignment #3 due Friday.


    • Physical Education - Mr. Leegwater

      WEEK: April 24 - 28


      NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

      Google Classroom:



      - LAB Thoughts WEEK 2 begins! - Due Sunday April 30

      - Continue work on April Fitness Log - Due May 1

      • Bible 8 - Mr. Haig

        April 21-28

        Last Friday: First Missionary Journey quiz

        Monday: Acts 16 skits

        Block Day: Acts 17 

        Thursday: Second Missionary Journey review

        Friday: Second Missionary Journey scripting

        • Math 8 - Mr. Haig

          April 21 - 28

          Last Friday: Personal Finance planning

          Monday: SoA 2.2 in class (If you didn't finish B and C, finish for homework)

          Tuesday: SoA 2.1, 2.2 review, Homework: Two-Step Equations worksheet 4 problems you have not started yet in class.

          Thursday: SoA 2.3


          • ELA 8 - Mrs. Lundy

            April 17-21

            Current Unit: Narrative Reading

            next week vocabulary: 1st hour finished, 2nd hour Joel & Mason, 3rd hour Lydia & Kate 


            Activity: Themes of historical fiction

            Assignment: Finish historical fiction choice book, bring in materials needed for collage


            Activity: Creating a theme collage based on historical fiction choice book

            Assignment: none


            Activity: Introduction to Literary Essays

            Assignment: none


            Activity: Literary Essay exploring

            Assignment: Vocab Quiz for 2nd and 3rd hour - Themes collage due

            Homework: 20 minutes of reading a day in your choice book. (alone, with a parent/friend/sibling, listening to a story). Keep your reading log up to date.

            • Science 8 Earth Science - Mrs. Styf

              NOTE:  Most of our assignments are on Google Classroom which can be accessed through the student's Google Drive or by students at

              April 21-28

              last Friday (21st)

              1. none 

              Monday (April 17th)

              1. Sargasso Sea document - due Block Day

              2. Note: Quiz Fri. on Objectives 7.2-7.6

              Block Day (Tues. or Wed.)  

              1. Review for 7.2 to 7.6 document.  - Have sections 7.2 through 7.4 of the review done by Thurs.

              2. Study for Quiz Fri. on Objectives 7.2-7.6

              3. Intro Survey to Climate Change - due Monday


              1. Study for Quiz Fri. on Objectives 7.2-7.6

              2. Intro Survey to Climate Change - due Monday

              Friday (28th)

              1. Intro Survey to Climate Change - due Monday

              • Social Studies - Mr. Kool

                Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies

                Week of April 21-28
                Monday: Vocab  11-20 due Friday

                Invention Project due Friday

                Ch 14 Paper due next week Monday

                Tues/WedVocab  11-20 due Friday

                Invention Project due Friday

                Ch 14 Paper due next week Monday

                Thursday:  Invention Project due Friday

                Vocab  11-20 due Friday

                Ch 14 Paper due next week Monday

                Friday:  Invention Project due Today

                Vocab  11-20 due Friday

                Ch 14 Paper due next Monday

                • Spanish8 - Roskamp

                   Señorita Roskamp's Website


                  April 18/19: Review of REN videos, check-ins, Placement Test Review!

                  April 20: Shadow Day, no class  [ HOMEWORK: spend 12-15 minutes finishing Carlos y el caballo, check e-mail for Agustín info]

                  April 23 (Sunday 6pm): REN videos DUE in Roskamp's e-mail inbox. (Directions here how to upload and send)

                  May 2,3,4 IN CLASS --> Spanish placement test!

                  • Art - Mrs. Geuder

                    April 24-28

                    Monday: In class: Hero Portraits. 

                    Tuesday: In class: Hero Portraits - finish!

                    Wednesday: In class: Street Art

                    Thursday: In class:  Street Art .  Homework due: Hero Essay - please look on Moodle for directions and follow the formatting directions.  

                    Friday:  In class: Street Art

                    Next week Thursday:  Finish story!

                    • Mr. Veenstra: 7th/8th Band

                      Weekly Summary

                      Monday, April 17: Regular split rehearsals. AH: Solo and Ensemble help

                      Wednesday, April 19: Combined band rehearsal

                      Thursday, April 20: AH: Solo and Ensemble help

                      Friday, April 21: Regular split rehearsals. AH: Solo and Ensemble help

                      Saturday, April 22: Solo and Ensemble at Northpointe Christian for students participating

                      • Orchestra

                        Here is the agenda for Mon. Apr. 24 - Sun. Apr. 30

                        MONDAY: -  Curse

                        AH MONDAY: - 

                        WEDNESDAY: - Run through all songs

                        AH THURSDAY: - 

                        FRIDAY: - Curse, 1,000

                        AH FRIDAY: -  

                        Due this week: Confirm participation on Tulip Time Float, Confirm participation in Raybrook/Craig's Cruisers trip, turn in money for solo and ensemble, turn in money for Craig's Cruisers.

                        • Math - Mrs. Gorter

                          Week of April 24
                          Mon., April 24
                          Review #2
                          New Book: The Shapes of Algebra: p. 25 2.1 A 1-3, B, then A 4

                          Tues., April 25
                          P. 27 A 1-6, B,C

                          Thurs., April 27
                          p. 29 2.3 A 1-6, B 1-3

                          Fri., April 28
                          Test #2, 1st try 11-20
                          Story Problems p. 59