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    Welcome to the 8th Grade Homework page. This page contains information about what assignments and other events are happening in each of your classes. Student and Parent Resources
  • Physical Education - Mr. Leegwater

    WEEK: May 13 - 17


    NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

    Assignments can be found on Google Classroom


    - LAB ITs Week 3: Ends Thurs. May 16

    REMEMBER to have your 10 min. workout plan submitted before the end of the week, which is Thurs. 

    - LAB #2: Week of May 20

    • Bible 8

      Week of May 17-24

      In class: Final Map projects!; End of the Spear

      Depending on your teacher: You may have a final or some final essays.  Make sure you have them done when they are due.

      • Math 8 - Mr. Haig

        May 20-24

        Last Friday: exam review, SAP 1.3

        Monday: In class: Final Exam review, Samples and Populations 1.3

        Tuesday: Final Exam (2nd hour, 3/8th hour)

        Wednesday:  Final Exam (1st hour)

        Thursday:  Box and Whisker Plots

        Friday: Arrowhead investigation/ turn in books: Congrats for finishing 8th grade math!

        • English 8 - Mrs. Lundy

          May 27-31

          *Long Term substitute's name is Connie Vanderwell, her email is Once Mrs. Lundy is on maternity leave, please take all questions to Mrs. Vanderwell. Thank you. 


          Activity: NA/Memorial Day

          Assignment due: NA

          Tuesday & Wednesday Block 

          Activity:  Tues.-Exams/Testing in am

                         Wed.-Service Day

          Assignment due: Be sure any and all late homework is turned in. (Library books, uniforms, etc.)


          Class Trip


          Assignment due: NA


          No School for 8th Grade


          Assignment Due: NA

          Continual Homework: 20 minutes of reading a day in your choice book. (alone, with a parent/friend/sibling, listening to a story). Keep your reading log up to date.

          • Science 8 - Mrs. Styf

            Week of May 17-24

            last Fri. (17th):  
            1.  Captain Sundae Consumption Project:  Read the articles in the Consumption section & type up a summary on the shared document for your group.  Each person needs to summarize by Mon.
            2. Begin reviewing previous objectives/ quizzes on Google Classroom for final exam prep.
            3. Quiz #2 on 7.1 & 7.2 will be next Thurs.

            Mon. (20th)
            1. 7EA1 paragraph - due Fri.
            2. Quiz #2 on Obj. 7.1 and 7.2 on Thurs.
            3. Review for final exam.

            Block Day (Tues./Wed.)
            1. 7EA1 paragraph & 7EA2 paragraph due Fri.
            2. Quiz #2 on Obj. 7.1 and 7.2 on Thurs.
            3. Review for final exam.

            1. Be finished with final group item for Captain Sundae project
            2. Review for final exam.

            Fri. (24th) 
            1. Final exam is Tues. a.m. during 1st & 2nd hour. (mul. choice & T/F questions, two opinion essays)
            Adv. Math people - your essays & exam are due by Wed. a.m.

            • Social Studies 8 - Mr. Kool

              Week of






              • Art - Mrs. Geuder

                May 20-24

                Monday:  In class: Klimt and Art Nouveau

                Tuesday: In class: Klimt project

                Wednesday: In class: 

                Thursday: In class: Klimt project, finishing

                Friday: in class: finishing up, clean up the art room

                • Mr. Veenstra: 7th/8th Band

                  Weekly Summary: 

                  Monday, April 8: Regular rehearsal; AH: Solo and Ensemble help

                  Wednesday, April 10: Combined rehearsal 

                  Thursday, April 11: AH: Solo and Ensemble help

                  Friday, April 12: Regular rehearsals; AH: Depart for Freedom Village/Craig's Cruisers Trip, return to HC by 7:30 PM

                  Saturday, April 13: Solo and Ensemble (Selected students)

                • Orchestra

                  Here is the agenda for Mon. April 22 - Sun. April 28

                  MONDAY: Scream Auditions round 1 / 

                  AH MONDAY: - No AH

                  WEDNESDAY: Scream auditions final round

                  AH THURSDAY: No AH

                  FRIDAY: New large group song

                  AH FRIDAY: Electric Instruments Float Practice