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    Welcome to the 8th Grade Homework page. This page contains information about what assignments and other events are happening in each of your classes. Student and Parent Resources
  • Physical Education - Mr. Leegwater

    WEEK: March 18-22


    NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

    Assignments can be found on Google Classroom


    • Bible 8

      Week of March 15-22

      In class:  Persecution, Acts 8-11

      1)NEW MEMORY = Acts 7:51-53 due soon!  Make sure you are aware the due date set by your teacher.
      Styf's/Veenstra's class: Ultimately due on Wed., March 20  (may do the memory as early as Fri. March 15)
      2 **Be aware of a potential upcoming TEST on the story of Stephen up through Acts 11 - likely next week before Spring Break.

      • Math 8 - Mr. Haig

        March 15-22

        Last Friday: last Q3 skills quiz

        Monday: In class: KHM Investigation 4 work; homework:  50 minutes Khan Academy due by Friday

        Block Day: Skills Quiz; KHM Investigation 3+4 packet due Friday; Homework: 50 minutes Khan Academy due by Friday

        Thursday:  KHM Investigation 3+4 packet due Fridayhomework: 50 minutes Khan Academy due by Friday


        • English 8 - Mrs. Lundy

          March 25-29

          *Long Term substitute's name is Connie Vanderwell, her email is Once Mrs. Lundy is on maternity leave, please take all questions to Mrs. Vanderwell. Thank you. 


          Activity: Introduction of new narrative reading book: Serafina's Promise and notes on characterization.

          Assignment due: Fill out characterization sheet in class and continue reading your Historical Fiction Book.

          Tuesday & Wednesday Block 

          Activity: Notes on Setting in Historical Fiction and Group Work

          Assignment due: none


          Activity: Historical Fiction Work and introduction to upcoming Art/Writing Project

          Assignment due: Continue reading your HF book.


          Activity: NA

          Assignment due: none

          Continual Homework: 20 minutes of reading a day in your choice book. (alone, with a parent/friend/sibling, listening to a story). Keep your reading log up to date.

          • Science 8 - Mrs. Styf

            Week of March 15-22

            last Fri. (15th) 
            1. Be all caught up by 3:00 p.m. on Monday.  You MUST email if you submit anything for late credit.

            Mon. (18th)
            1. Severe Weather final paragraph - due Fri.
            2. Quiz # 2 on Obj. 4.6 and 4.7 on Friday.

            Block (Tues./ Wed.)
            1. Severe Weather final paragraph - due Fri.
            2. Quiz # 2 on Obj. 4.6 and 4.7 on Friday.

            1. Severe Weather final paragraph - due Fri.
            2. Quiz # 2 on Obj. 4.6 and 4.7 on Friday.

            Fri. (22nd) - quiz today 
            1. Climate factors -ONLY put in things you already know.  Do NOT Google or try to finish the document.

            • Social Studies 8 - Mr. Kool

              Week of March 8 - 15

              Mon:  Vocab3 -  31-40 due Friday

              Ch 11 Test Thurs or Fri

              Tues/Wed:  Vocab3 -  31-40 due Friday

              Ch 11 Test Thurs or Fri

              Thursday:  Vocab3 -  31-40 due Friday

              Ch 11 Test Today or Fri

              Friday:  Vocab3 -  31-40 due Today

              Ch 11 Test Thurs or Today

              • Spanish8 - Roskamp

                8th GRADE SPANISH WEBSITE

                STUDENT REN DOCUMENT - Robo en la noche book

                el 19/20 de marzo -  prueba de hablar #13 // capítulo 13 + 14, capítulo 15 --> ALL CHAPTER QUESTIONS FINISHED BEFORE CLASS  ON THURSDAY.

                el 21 de marzo - projects

                el 26/27 de marzo - continue projects

                el 28 de marzo - finish projects and all things Robo en la noche, review for placement test


                el 9, 10, 11 de abril --> review for placement test

                el 16,17,18 --> Placement test IN CLASS

                • Art - Mrs. Geuder

                  Mar 18-22

                  Check Google Classroom for assignment list and examples!  One homework assignment per week.

                  Monday:  In class: finish up, move on

                  Tuesday: In class: PhotoShop

                  Wednesday:  no class

                  Thursday: In class: PhotoShop 

                  Friday:  In class: PhotoShop, homework: sketchbook assignment

                  • Mr. Veenstra: 7th/8th Band

                    Weekly Summary: 

                    Saturday, March 16: Playing Tests/Practice minutes for this week due at 11:55 PM

                    Monday, March 18: Regular rehearsal; AH: Cadence practice

                    Wednesday, March 20: Combined rehearsal 

                    Thursday, March 21: AH: Jazz Band?

                    Friday, March 22: Regular rehearsals; AH: Jazz Band--Swingin' the Night Away--call time 6:30 PM 

                    Band Extravaganza on March 26!

                  • Orchestra

                    Here is the agenda for Mon. March 11 - Sun. March 17

                    MONDAY: Conquistador

                    AH MONDAY: - NO AH

                    WEDNESDAY: Conquistador

                    AH THURSDAY: Solo and Ensemble

                    FRIDAY: Conquistador

                    AH FRIDAY: Solo and Ensemble

                    Homework: -