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    Welcome to the 8th Grade Homework page. This page contains information about what assignments and other events are happening in each of your classes. Student and Parent Resources
  • Physical Education - Mr. Leegwater

    WEEK: Jan. 15 - 19


    NOTE:  Please be prepared to go OUTSIDE during class.  Sweatshirt, Pants and a change of socks are all recommended. 

    Assignments can be found on Google Classroom


    - Finish and Turn In Heart Rate Assignment - Due Tues.

    • Bible 8

      January 12-19

      last Friday (12th): Acts 1 quiz on Block Day, Bible memory Acts 1:8  due Thurs.

      Monday: In class: review & AD movies. Homework: Acts 1 quiz on Block Day, Bible memory Acts 1:8  due Thurs.

      Block Day In class: Quiz on Acts 1, notes on various sects at the time of Acts 1. Homework: Acts 1:8 due Thurs.

      Thursday In class: Bible memory, Acts 1 & 2 worksheet Homework: Bring in a cereal box for a project by Monday.

      Friday - In class: Acts 2 Pentecost  Homework: Bring in a cereal box for a project by Monday.

      • Math 8 - Mr. Haig

        January 9 - 13

        Last Friday: p. 40 #10-19

        Monday: In class - MAP practice, finish investigation 3 packet

        Homework: Khan Academy 10 minutes (45 minutes this week)

        Block Day: In class: MAP test

        Homework: Khan Academy 20 minutes

        Thursday: GGG 4.1

        Homework: 45 minutes Khan Academy due Friday; skills quiz Friday

        Friday: skills quiz

        Homework: Skills Quiz on Tuesday next week

        • English 8 - Mrs. Lundy

          January 15-19

          Current Unit: Informational Writing


          Activity: Vocabulary presentations

          Assignment due: none due today

          Tuesday/Wednesday block

          Activity: Read Aloud & research perspectives/category formation

          Assignment due: none 


          Activity: Research perspectives/category formation

          Assignment due: by the end of class today you should have your categories FORM - you will turn them in as an exit slip


          Activity: Vocabulary quiz & research perspectives

          Assignment due: Vocabulary quiz today

          Continual Homework: 20 minutes of reading a day in your choice book. (alone, with a parent/friend/sibling, listening to a story). Keep your reading log up to date.

          • Science 8 Earth Science - Mrs. Styf

            NOTE:  Our assignments are on Google Classroom which can be accessed through the student's Google Drive or by students at

            Jan. 12-19

            Friday (12th)

            1. none

            Monday (Jan. 8th) 

            1. Finish the Sedimentary Rock Lab - due Block Day

            2. Read Sec. 5 of Rock notes by Block Day

            3. Quiz on 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 on Friday

            Block Day (Tues./ Wed.) 

            1. Finish Igneous Rock Lab - due Thurs.

            2. Quiz on 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 on Friday


            1. Metamorphic Rock Lab - be sure to review this for Friday as well.

            2. Quiz on 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 on Friday

            Friday (19th)

            1. none

            • Social Studies - Mr. Kool

              Week of Jan 12-19
              MonTODAY: Chapter 7, section 3, Answer questions: p. 249, #1 a, b; #2 a; #3 a, b, c; #4 a, b

              Due Tuesday: Chapter 7, section 4, Answer questions: p. 253, #1 a, b; #2 a; #3 a, b

              Vocab 11-20 due Friday

              Tues/Wed: Due TODAY: Chapter 7, section 4, Answer questions: p. 253, #1 a, b; #2 a; #3 a, b

              Vocab 11-20 due Friday

              Thurs:   Vocab 11-20 due Friday

              Friday:  Vocab 11-20 due Today

              • Spanish8 - Roskamp

                 Señorita Roskamp's Website


                el 16/17 de enero

                no hay tarea - Please bring story-based project ideas to class!

                el 18 de enero

                finish carta a Elsa if not completed in class


                • Art - Mrs. Geuder

                  Jan. 15-19

                  Check Google Classroom for assignment list and examples!

                  Monday: In class: Clay Canopic jar

                  Tuesday: In class: Clay Canopic Jar

                  Wednesday: in class: Clay Canopic Jar

                  Thursday: in class: finish Clay? Hand assignment due!  Include name, meaning as symbol, and 10 patterns (5 your own, 5 zentangles), use ink.

                  Friday:  In class: finish Clay?

                  Next week: first sketchbook assignment due on Thursday. Directions and examples on Google Classroom.

                  • Mr. Veenstra: 7th/8th Band

                    Weekly Summary: 

                    Saturday, January 13: Playing Tests for this week due by 11:55 PM

                    Monday, January 15: Split rehearsals; No AH today

                    Wednesday, January 17: Combined rehearsal; AH moved from Monday--Jazz Band

                    Thursday, January 18: AH: Cadence practice

                    Friday, January 19: Split Rehearsals, AH: Solo and Ensemble selection/help

                    Saturday, January 20: Playing Tests for this week due by 11:55 PM

                  • Orchestra

                    Here is the agenda for Mon. Jan. 15 - Sun. Jan 21

                    MONDAY: - It is Well with My Soul

                    AH MONDAY: - Violas

                    WEDNESDAY: - Record It is Well with My Soul

                    AH THURSDAY: - Basses

                    FRIDAY: - It is Well with My Sould

                    AH FRIDAY: - 2nds


                    • Math - Mrs. Gorter

                      Mon., Jan. 15
                      Warm-up-Math terms Review and practice
                      2.1 p. 21 Read story on p. 20-21 Then do p. 21 A 1-2, B 1

                      Tues., Jan. 16
                      MAP testing
                      -when done, review math terms and Accl. math

                      Thurs., Jan. 18
                      Warm-up-math terms
                      p. 27 #9 - 13 H.W. if not done in class.

                      Fri., Jan. 19
                      Scientific Notation
                      Quiz on math terms